Honda CB 200X on its way

Honda is now understanding the Indian customers requirements, for that evidence now it is releasing it’s small sibling of Adventure bikes CB 500X with 200 CC air-cooled adventure bike Honda CB 200X, eventually it shares the platform of Honda Hornet 180 in engine architecture, Suspension etc. But more focused on adventure touring capabilities.

Honda tuned the engine with modest 17.3 BHP @ 8500RPM and Torque figure with 16.1NM@6000rpm to focus on the midrange which is essential for the adventure bike.

Bike features upside down front fork, rear mono suspension, tubeless tyres as standard.

Transmission is taken care by 5 speed gear box with Honda’s trademark slick and precise shift. But there is no slip assist clutch on offer.

Priced at Rs 144500 ex showroom looks convincing for the 200CC bike with good amount of features on offer.

107 thoughts on “Honda CB 200X on its way”

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